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Why Study in France

No matter which city you choose to study in France, there are numerous universities and educational institutions providing distinct and wide-ranging world-class education. There are reasons why so many international students chose to come to France to pursue their higher education, and when it’s the best education you can, it’s worth your time looking atContinue reading “Why Study in France”


Indian Students in Italy

Situated in Southern Europe ‘s middle of the Mediterranean, Italy is considered a great country for Indian students. Pursuing a Higher education has a very long history for Indian students in Italy. It has played a major role in European higher education and has contributed to the European Higher Education Sector. Italian schooling is theContinue reading “Indian Students in Italy”

Study in Italy without IELTS

Study in Italy without IELTS Home to the oldest university in the world, the Universities of Bologna, is one of the best universities for Indian students to study in Italy. Polytechnic University is another top-ranked universities in Italy. Added to that, there are courses that are taught in English. Since many universities in Europe allowContinue reading “Study in Italy without IELTS”

Why Study in Italy

Why Study in Italy In Italy there are several top Universities, particularly in the fields of Architecture and Design, Science and Engineering, New Technology, Economics and Management, Agriculture, Human Biology, Cultural Resource Preservation and Reconstruction, Theater, Dance, Drama, and Advanced Musical Studies. However, whatever you choose to research, you’ll love to study in Italy andContinue reading “Why Study in Italy”

Indian Students in Spain

As per the past statistics report, around tons of Indian students in Spain were registered in the year 2016 for abroad studies, with this India made its presence among the top countries choosing Spain as their favorite destination to study abroad. According to the SEPIE report on overseas education, this figure was increased in 2017.Continue reading “Indian Students in Spain”

Study in Spain without IELTS

Study in Spain without IELTS International students can study in Spain without IELTS. Spain is the perfect country for study and research and you should find Spain as a perfect destination to study abroad for higher education. Spain is one of the most popular Adolescent Countries in Europe. In many leading universities, thousands of foreignContinue reading “Study in Spain without IELTS”

Why Study in Spain

Why Study in Spain There are many reasons why each year thousands of international students from all over the world make their way to Study in Spain for their higher studies. There are numerous and diverse study abroad programs in Spain. However, whatever you want to research, you’ll love to study and settle in SpainContinue reading “Why Study in Spain”

Study in France without IELTS

Study in France without IELTS Studying in France represents a vision for many foreign students. The top-ranked universities in Paris make it one of the leading destinations for abroad  studies not only in the EU countries but also worldwide. Most students face Language Proficiency Test obstacles and are demotivated by the concept of IELTS /Continue reading “Study in France without IELTS”

Top UK Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers

Top UK Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers The international students who intend to study abroad in the UK have to go through a couple of interview rounds at different levels. The first interview round begins when you apply to any University in UK, here your admission to study in the UK University is decided and later with theContinue reading “Top UK Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers”

Requirements to Study in Germany

Requirements to Study in Germany​ ​Learn all about the requirements to study in Germany, whether if it’s about student’s life in Germany, language test requirements, Universities in Germany, Popular study programs, German Study visa requirements, cost of studies in Germany, and benefits of studying in Germany. Studying abroad in Europe for higher studies is becoming a global trend.Continue reading “Requirements to Study in Germany”