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Why Study in Spain

Why Study in Spain

There are many reasons why each year thousands of international students from all over the world make their way to Study in Spain for their higher studies. There are numerous and diverse study abroad programs in Spain. However, whatever you want to research, you’ll love to study and settle in Spain and immerse yourself in the diverse culture.
It is no wonder why study in Spain is so popular among Indian students.

We will try to understand a few of the top 5 reasons why Indian students in Spain have made it a favourite destination and what are the advantages of studying in Spain.

  1. Top Universities to Study in Spain:  

As Spain is a member of the European Higher Education Region (EHEA), the study program of the country is in accordance with the requirements of the EHEA. In Spite of the quality education and internationally recognized degrees, English language is not mandatory for University admission in Spain, which means you can secure your seats in the top universities and Study in Spain without IELTS. 

Top Business Schools in Spain:

  • EAE Business School
  • Ostelea School Of Tourism
  • C3S Business School
  • Marbella Design Academy
  • Barcelona Executive Business School (BEBS)
  • Hablo Edu. Programs
  1. Affordable Tuition fees to Study in Spain: 

Although tuition fees are affordable in Spain, how much you end up paying for your higher studies will depend on certain variables such as the university you want to study at, and the form and scope of your study program. EU member countries students can usually study in Spain for free just by paying nominal entry fees in the public universities. Whereas other international students need to pay the complete tuition fees both in public and private universities. The annual tuition fees in the public universities approximately ranges between 3K to 4K euros. Whereas, in private universities approximately from 6K to 10K euros per annum and or even more for MBA and Doctoral study programs.

  1. Scholarships Opportunities in Spain: 

As an international student you have the right to apply for Scholarships to study in Spain. When looking for a scholarship grant in Spain for your higher studies, note that there are a wide range of public and private institutions providing financial assistance for abroad studies. You can study on fully funded or part-funded scholarships in Spain. Spain’s government and universities offer scholarships to foreign students and local students each year. 

Here are some best PhD Scholarships in Spain, Masters Scholarships in Spain, and undergraduate level scholarships: 

  1. Internship Opportunities in Spain: 

Applications for the Internship in Spain 2020 are invited. The summer internship is set to take place in Barcelona, Madrid & Sevilla. This is a spanish paid internship & will run from June to September 2020.

  1. Affordable cost of living in Spain for International Students : 

Living costs in Spain are among the lowest in Western Europe, including in the suburbs. This includes students accommodations, tuition fees, food, traveling expenses etc. If you include rent, utilities, food and leisure activities per person, it will cost the average student between 1000 to 1200 Euros per month to live in Spain. With this cost you should set your monthly budget accordingly and ensure that you live comfortably while attending your university in Spain.

The cost depends on where you stay and how you spend. Some students have a small budget and the others rely on funding from their parents. Even though the cost of living in Spain is comparatively less than other countries in Europe, it depends on the student’s lifestyle and the location where they choose to live and study in Spain. 

So do comprehensive research online, or take professional support  from the best study abroad consultants in India to fulfill your dreams of studying abroad. 


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