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Study in Spain without IELTS

Study in Spain without IELTS

International students can study in Spain without IELTS. Spain is the perfect country for study and research and you should find Spain as a perfect destination to study abroad for higher education. Spain is one of the most popular Adolescent Countries in Europe. In many leading universities, thousands of foreign students are admitted annually with or without an IELTS test. 

There are many reasons why international students choose to study in Spain. Spain has a variety of educational resources. Spanish is the world’s third most widely spoken language. Also, a student visa is not required for students from other countries for a stay of up to three months.

Since many universities around European countries allow admissions with or without IELTS as evidence of proficiency in the English language, you may come to wonder why study in Spain without IELTS is optional. 

Let us find below a few alternative ways and requirements to study in Spain without IELTS. 

  • Demonstrate proof of Spanish proficiency skills: You can appear for the internationally recognized DELE test if you know Spanish or learn Spanish through DELE Spanish Diplomas granted by Spain’s Ministry of Education before appearing for the DELE exam. Most universities require a DELE B2 certificate for entry to the undergraduate program. You may need DELE C1 for admission to a postgraduate study program.
  • Opt-in for a preparatory program in Spanish: This is one of the most common alternatives to study in Spain without an IELTS test. You can opt-in for a preparatory program in Spanish to increase your skills to the level needed by the school to which you would like to apply. The purpose of a preparatory Spanish program is to help students prepare to take university-level courses. This typically includes reading, writing, and history courses.
  • Diploma in the Spanish language: If an international student has a recognized Diploma of Secondary Education in the Spanish language, he or she can get an exemption for the IELTS exam to enroll in any undergraduate program in Spain. Almost, in every part of the world, there are many specialized language schools, therefore this choice is very viable.
  • Proof of English Proficiency other than IELTS: An international student may be exempted from IELTS if he or she has continuously completed their studies at the school or college level in English for at least three preceding years as well as communicate fluently during their evaluation test. According to the overseas student survey in India, such an exemption has been granted to many Indian students in Spain.
  • Spanish Universities were English proficiency test is not mandatory: There are many well-known Universities in Spain which grants admission in their Universities without IELTS. It is not a mandatory requirement for admission in their institutions, subject to the successful interview process of the students, who can communicate fluently in English in their personal assessment test. 

The above information has outlined some of the best and simplest ways to study in Spain without an IELTS test. This knowledge is valuable, considering the ever-increasing costs of IELTS training courses worldwide.

Also, do comprehensive research online yourself and or get connected for a free professional study abroad guidance from the best study abroad consultants in India to fulfill your dreams of studying abroad. 

Article Source: Study in Spain | Studium Group


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