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Top UK Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers

Top UK Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers

The international students who intend to study abroad in the UK have to go through a couple of interview rounds at different levels. The first interview round begins when you apply to any University in UK, here your admission to study in the UK University is decided and later with the Home Office application, where your student visa is decided.  

The top UK student visa interview questions at Home Office are usually based on a few of the below points:

  • Why you have chosen the UK for studying abroad?
  • Which University you have applied for your abroad Study in UK and why?
  • Which Study Program you have chosen and why?
  • How have you arranged your funds to study in UK?
  • What are you plan after completing your higher studies in UK and why?

During your initial interview, your statement would be noted for assessment purpose and the final decision on your UK Student visa application would be made based on your submitted answers. 

Your initial round of interview takes place at your nearest visa application center where you submit your biometric information and supporting documents for the UK student visa. This round of interview is all about the general questions about your abroad study planning and arrangements. During the interview, the visa officer will check your ability to speak in the English language and note the fluency level in his record. In case if it is not at a satisfactory level, the applicant might get refusal.

Students are mostly called for another round of the interview if the visa officer has a doubt about your visa application and to check if the applicant is genuinely intending to migrate the UK for study purposes only and not to get settled in the UK. Hence, in such a case, there is a chance that the student might get an email asking to attend for the second visa interview round.

It is advisable that the students should keep a constant eye on their emails including junk folders regularly after they submit their application for a UK student visa. However, in case if the students fail to check and reply to the email with the visa interview request, the Uk student visa might be refused without any further reminder. The interview can be rescheduled only under a genuine case with a reasonable explanation along with the satisfactory evidence.

The typical interview questions asked by the Universities in UK:

Why did you choose our University/college for Studying in UK?

The answer should be based on your University Selection research. Try to highlight the strong features of the University compared with other Universities in UK. Also, try to explain the career scope in your home country after completion of your studies in UK.

Why did you choose this particular study program in UK?

Your answer should be based on your previous studies and the field experience that you have till now. If you are a fresher than you should be able to describe your skills, hobbies and future planning that have inspired you to choose this particular study program.

What is your career plan after finishing your higher studies in UK?

Your answer should be based on your plans after graduation. Just think about how you will get the benefits of studying in UK, how abroad knowledge and exposure will give you an added advantage in your home country for example in the field of international marketing, business development, etc. from your course at the UK University. Does your study program enhance your present designation?

Do you intend to work in UK?

Your answer should not make them feel that your pure intention is to work and not to study. Hence you should say that although my focus interest is to study full time and gain a UK degree at the same time I would like to work if I get an opportunity to work part-time on an internship basis to gain a UK experience along with my degree. 

Have you previously studied in UK or in any other country?

This is a very typical question asked, which does not need any tips to answer? You can say yes or no depending upon your situation.

Do you have a long study gap? 

If your answer is no, then you don’t need to prepare for any further answer here.

What made you study again after so long?

If your answer to the previous question is yes, then your answer should be based on your current profession or your previous qualification gained. Think of your current designation where you may need an advance or a higher degree qualification to get you promoted to a management level position. Think of a long-term career plan associated with the study program you choose.

Article Source: Studium Group | Blog


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