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Indian Students in Italy

Situated in Southern Europe ‘s middle of the Mediterranean, Italy is considered a great country for Indian students. Pursuing a Higher education has a very long history for Indian students in Italy. It has played a major role in European higher education and has contributed to the European Higher Education Sector.

Italian schooling is the best in the world. Italy is one of the four nations that first embarked on the “European Higher Education Region,” which started the Bologna Process, followed by educational institutions around the world until today.

Italy offers some of the world’s oldest universities and is the founder of the Bologna process, i.e. the European higher education standard and a rising influence. Another area where Italy has earned its sense of pride in the provision of high-quality education.

Top Universities in Italy 2020:

Universities in Italy are world-renowned for polishing and sharpening every student into innovative, productive people of tomorrow. For Indian Students here are the top Universities in Italy:

  • Rome Business School
  • Accademia Italiana
  • John Cabot University
  • Vesuvio International School of Hospitality-Vish, Naples
  • Florence University of the Arts

Study in Italy without IELTS

To Study in Italy for Indian students or students from any other country, no language proficiency test score is required such as TOEFL, IELTS if the education was in English medium. Students who have graduated from a high school or higher education English speaking language are not required to submit any additional documents to verify their proficiency in English.

The student needs to submit proof of their studies in English. The proof could be a declaration on the official letterhead with a rubber stamp from the School or college of the students in their home country.

Scholarship Opportunities in Italy

How to get a Scholarship in Italy is always a top question for all international students. In Italy, all foreign students are entitled to the same financial support programs as Italian students on the basis of the same financial means and/or merit criteria. At the national and regional level, there are government scholarships to which foreign students may apply. In addition, there is a popular Italian Government Scholarship offered to Indian students in collaboration with the Indian government (MHRD). 

The Italian Government grants scholarships for studying abroad (IRE) in Italy to foreign citizens as well as Italian residents. The scholarships are offered for the following types of courses: Master’s degree, Higher Education courses in Arts, Music & Dance, Ph.D. program, Research under academic supervision, and courses in Italian Language and Culture. The scholarship includes tuition fees, monthly allowance, and health insurance. Application for three, six, or nine-month scholarships may only be made.

Internship Opportunities in Italy

Taking an internship abroad is a clever way to embark on a thriving international career. As well, taking an internship in Italy is a great way to gain practical knowledge while living in the world’s best country. Internship in Italy is a unique opportunity for learning more about art and history, architecture, fashion, food, and tourism. But how and where are Italy ‘s best internships to find? Here’s some of them listed below:

This is why Indian students in Italy are drawn to study in Italy, the above information has outlined a few of the top significance. 

Also, do comprehensive research online yourself and or get connected for a free professional study abroad guidance from the best study abroad consultants in India to fulfill your dreams of studying abroad. 

Article Source: Indian Students in Italy| Evernote | Studium Group

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