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Requirements to Study in Germany

Requirements to Study in Germany

​Learn all about the requirements to study in Germany, whether if it’s about student’s life in Germany, language test requirements, Universities in Germany, Popular study programs, German Study visa requirements, cost of studies in Germany, and benefits of studying in Germany.

Studying abroad in Europe for higher studies is becoming a global trend. To international students, each country has its own set of requirements for higher studies. In this article, we have tried to cover all the criteria and requirements to study in Germany
About Studying in Germany

With Europe’s largest evolving market economy, Germany is ranked fourth-largest after the United States, China, and Japan in the world. Whether it’s the manufacturing sector, the automotive sector or the education sector, Germany has flourished in every field, attracting students and skilled peoples from all over the globe.​Why choose to study in Germany?

For many international students, Germany is developing as an educational hub for abroad studies and they can apply to study in Germany at an affordable tuition fee. Now you can fulfil your dreams to study abroad in Germany as many of the top universities offer courses in English with or without IELTS.
Main features to Study abroad in Germany:

  • International Students can get eligible for 18 months of work permit after finishing at least a minimum of one year of study in Germany.
  • Low cost of living expenses
  • Affordable Tuition Fees.
  • Lots of Job Opportunities.
  • Most of the Universities in Germany offer study programs in English as well as German.
  • There are several Colleges and Universities in Germany offering Scholarships to International students purely based on eligibility criteria.
  • IELTS test is not mandatory to every University in Germany

Best Universities in Germany

Popular Study Programs in Germany

  • Masters in Hospitality Industry
  • International Healthcare Management
  • International Marketing Management
  • International Aviation Management

German Study visa requirements

International students from EU/EEA nations do not require a visa to study in Germany however, students from other countries need to apply for a study permit to stay and study legally in the country. 

  • Student need to have an offer and acceptance letter from an approved University/colleges in Germany
  • Study duration should be more than three months.
  • Students should have a valid & satisfactory reason for studying abroad. (SOP)
  • Students should not have a long study gap at the time of application.
  • Should have sufficient funds to study and live in Germany for the complete academic period.
  • Have valid health insurance & a Certificate showing the normal health condition of the student.

Cost of Studying in Germany

Most of the Universities in Germany offer their study programs at a very affordable price. If we compare studying costs in Germany within the private and public universities, you will find a huge difference in their tuition fees structure.

Admissions to the Public Universities in Germany are open for all the international students but are subject to certain policies and financial eligibility criteria of the students. 

  • Tuition fees at Public Universities in Germany ranges from 50 to 250 Euros per semester, which applies to both EU and non-EU-nationals. 
  • Tuition fees at the Private Universities in Germany range from 10,000 to 20,000 or even more depending upon the option of the University and Study program.

Language test requirements for Studying in Germany

Proficiency in the German language is not mandatory for admission and visa process, but students must have at least a basic knowledge of German for living and socializing purposes.
Benefits of studying abroad in Germany

  • Affordable Tuition Fees
  • Scholarship options
  • IELTS test not Compulsory
  • work permit option after completion of studies
  • Great job opportunities
  • Internationally recognize Degrees
  • Study and part-time work opportunities

Original Article source: Studium Group | Study Overseas Consultants


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