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Indian Students in Spain

As per the past statistics report, around tons of Indian students in Spain were registered in the year 2016 for abroad studies, with this India made its presence among the top countries choosing Spain as their favorite destination to study abroad. According to the SEPIE report on overseas education, this figure was increased in 2017.

As Indian students open themselves up to the possibility of seeking their higher education outside conventional English speaking countries, the number of Indian students studying in Spain has increased in recent years. The growth of Indian students in Spain has also attributed to Spanish varsities’ high global rankings. 

Such statistics represent an optimistic impression of the Indian students’ flow of immigrants, with a significant population enrolling at top Universities in Spain. 

Both public and private Universities, in all prestigious world rankings like the QS World University Rankings, Shanghai Rankings, and THE World University Rankings, rank high on this parameter.

Most foreign, as well as Indian students, choose Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia, and the Valencian Community as their favorite destination due to the top ranking Universities as well as these cities are well-known tourist attractions too. Let us check the various significance of studying in Spain for Indian students.

Best Universities in Spain 2020

Spain’s universities are renowned globally for polishing and sharpening every student into tomorrow ‘s innovative, productive people. Here are the top Universities in Spain for Indian Students:

Study in Spain without IELTS

For Indian Students with Bachelors and Masters in Spain, a large number of courses are available which are taught in English. Universities in Spain are providing top study programs in English for International students such as MBA, Doctoral programs, Natural Sciences, Engineering, and many more to draw more and more global students. The best part is that you can study in Spain without the IELTS exam. It is not mandatory for admission to many universities in Spain.

Scholarship Opportunities in Spain

Since neither study programs abroad nor living costs are affordable, there are sponsorships to be funded as grants for the Students in Spain Scholarship to the international & Indian students.

Internship Opportunities in Spain

Practicing the world’s third most widely spoken language, interns in Spain will have the opportunity to study and work in a center of European business and culture. A wide range of Internship opportunities in Spain is available.

This is why Indian students in Spain are drawn to study in Spain, the above information has outlined a few of the top significance. 

Also, do comprehensive research online yourself and or get connected for a free professional study abroad guidance from the best study abroad consultants in India to fulfill your dreams of studying abroad. 

Article Source: Indian Students in Spain | APSense | Studium Group

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