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Indian Students in Malaysia

Malaysia draws tourists from all over the world with its natural sights, rich culture and beautiful scenery. The country has a rare combination of ancient and modern architecture, influenced by its mix of cultures and ethnicity. The location makes it the ideal destination for not only to international students but also for the Indian studentsContinue reading “Indian Students in Malaysia”


Study in Malaysia without IELTS

Study in Malaysia without IELTS Study in Malaysia without IELTS is a golden opportunity for everyone particularly when you’re from developing or least developed countries. In the last decade, education has been one of the top priorities of Malaysia’s Federal Government. It’s committed to providing all students with a better education. In Malaysia, the conditionsContinue reading “Study in Malaysia without IELTS”

Indian Students in Singapore

Every year about 3,000 Indian students continue their education at different schools or universities. At this time, Indian students in Singapore are growing up to 25 percent year after year, making this country a favorite destination for Indian students. Most of them wish to study an MBA or Ph.D. at one of the country’s bestContinue reading “Indian Students in Singapore”

Study in Singapore without IELTS

Singapore is a well-known nation with its open system of democracy, political stability, and world-class education. This has turned Singapore into a world-wide nation of great prominence. In opting to Study in Singapore without IELTS, international students will have a chance to interact with successful academic institutions that are known for their supremacy. While studyingContinue reading “Study in Singapore without IELTS”

Indian Students in Russia

Indian Students in Russia In addition to offering affordable tuition fees, Russian universities are pursuing a simple admission process, which has increased the influx of Indian Students in Russia. This has strengthened its position among international students as a top destination overseas. Russia observes the migration of nearly 6,000 Indian students each year, about 70Continue reading “Indian Students in Russia”

Study in Russia without IELTS

Study in Russia without IELTS Whether you apply for Medical Universities for MBBS studies or any other higher studies in Russia, it is possible to Study in Russia without IELTS. Russian universities do not limit students in the option of instructional language, offer prepared Russian courses for those who do not know English, and areContinue reading “Study in Russia without IELTS”

Why Study in Russia

Russia is the world’s largest country, covering more than six million kilometers. Russia covers all of North Asia and comprises nine time zones. Then, why study in Russia? Studying in Russia is a popular choice for international students with a wide range of interests, be they studying literature, art, history, or Russian. In a culturallyContinue reading “Why Study in Russia”

Indian Students in France

France is the sixth-largest economy in the world and the third most popular destination among¬†Indian students in France. For scientists, executives, engineers, thinkers, artists, and authors from all over the world, France has always been a favorite destination, and many have made it their home. There are approximately 65k Indian immigrants residing in France. TheContinue reading “Indian Students in France”

Study in France without IELTS

The French education system, with many subdivisions, is highly centralized and organized. In the heart of the European Union, France, a modern and vibrant nation, makes it an ideal location for studying in France. There are Institutions and University programs available for students seeking to study in France without IELTS.¬† Go through all the relativeContinue reading “Study in France without IELTS”