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Why Study in Malaysia

It can be challenging to move out of the home and study overseas, but this is a decision that can shape your future. Why study in Malaysia? As this can be more affordable! What will probably be your favorite item on this list is the extremely affordable cost of living in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur has been consistently ranked as the topmost affordable city for international students. If you’re looking for rewarding and affordable educational opportunities, look no further – Malaysia offers high-quality education from international to tertiary level to international students. 

International students studying in Malaysia can encounter life in a multicultural and diverse society. Malaysia’s ethnic diversity introduces students around the world to a value-added life, a global perspective, and a greater understanding of diverse cultures, racial groups, and traditions. There are three big communities in Malaysia namely the Malays, Chinese, and Indians along with other ethnic minorities. In addition to mixing with students from Malaysia, international students are also exposed to other students from different nationalities. The strategic location of the country will allow students to go to places while studying in Malaysia.

​As of today, Malaysia is home to more than 155,000 foreign students from about 160 countries, and that number continues to rise every year. Ranked by UNESCO, Malaysia is the 11th most preferred study destination in the world. Indian students in Malaysia undertake courses ranging from diplomas to doctorates or MBBS studies in private higher education colleges and public universities. 

Though they’ve swapped traditional seaports for airports today, in this beautiful, diverse country, international students in Malaysia will find no shortage of open doors and beaming smiles. Studying abroad in Malaysia in conjunction with a world-class education, countless cultural festivals, the world’s most wildlife-rich ecosystems, beautiful beaches and fun-filled cities with endless activities is a hidden gem ready to welcome you.


Check out more on what you need to know about Studying in Malaysia:

  • Malaysia offers professional education, ensuring global recognition of all qualifications. The National Agency for Quality Assurance plays an important role in scrutinizing educational standards all over Malaysia.
  • English is used as the primary teaching medium for all courses and study programs offered at private higher education institutions.
  • As an Indian student in Malaysia, you may feel at home because Malaysia, Chinese, and Indians are the three largest ethnic groups here. The nation is multi-cultural, with people from many religions.
  • Malaysia is renowned as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Many of Malaysia’s higher education institutions work closely with industry and international partner universities to ensure the courses offered are up-to-date and important to the market.
  • Study in Malaysia also offers the “twinning programs” option to the international students, you can undertake the 1st or 2nd year of your degree in Malaysia and the final year abroad at partner universities in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, etc. 
  • Malaysia is following a trouble-free immigration process for international students in Malaysia to pursue their education. Colleges provide international students with the necessary assistance with their immigration procedures.
  • Malaysia is set in a geographically safe zone free of natural disasters of all kinds. It is also peaceful and politically stable. The country in nature is quite cosmopolitan, is a shopping haven, and has an active nightlife.
  • Malaysia has a very large, inexpensive, and convenient transportation system that connects the students to all the cities, towns, villages, and other interesting places to explore.

This is why Indian students in Malaysia are drawn to study in Malaysia, the above information has outlined a few of the top significance. 


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