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Indian Students in France

France is the sixth-largest economy in the world and the third most popular destination among Indian students in France. For scientists, executives, engineers, thinkers, artists, and authors from all over the world, France has always been a favorite destination, and many have made it their home. There are approximately 65k Indian immigrants residing in France. The cities in which most Indians live are Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, and Nice.
The rich cultural diversity and heritage that is expressed in daily life, the high standard of education as well as the dedication of the French State to accepting foreign students make it an attractive higher education destination. 

France offers a wide range of academic and professional opportunities for students at affordable rates. Seventy-three public universities, more than two hundred engineering schools, one hundred fifty business and management schools, twenty architecture schools and 3k other specialized institutions. As per the French Embassy in India, around 10K Indian students choose France in 2019 to pursue higher education. 

Benefits of Studying in France:

Safe Country to Live: France is one of Europe’s safest metropolises. Violent crime rates are fairly low although not unheard of are some small crimes such as pickpocketing. The quality of life that a country provides has a huge impact on your overall experience. The health care program, the protection of both male and female students, special benefits for foreign students, housing, transportation, food-all these are important considerations for international students when selecting their destination for higher studies.

Top higher education in France: Paris has recently been ranked as one of the top three best cities for international students in France. The main reason behind this is the varied types of courses that are offered and the highest teaching standards that are followed by French institutions. The quality of student life and lifestyle is attractive and consequently many international students are now moving to France for their higher studies.

Top Business Schools in France: Looking to study business in France? The country is home to some of the world’s highest-ranked business schools, providing outstanding business and management education to prepare future leaders for global challenges to work with.

  • College De Paris
  • Ascencia International
  • EDC
  • Eslsca
  • Paris Sports Management School
  • Institut Supérieur De Marketing Du Luxe

Study in France without IELTS: Language also isn’t a barrier. Over 1,400 programs are entirely taught in English, primarily at the master’s level, but at the bachelor’s level, there are still more and more now. Plus the best part is that many Universities in France accept admissions with or without the IELTS test. IELTS test is not mandatory at every institution in France and hence there are exemptions for English proficiency tests subject to certain conditions that students needs to fulfill. 

Scholarship Opportunities in France: Together with French businesses, the French Embassy in India grants scholarships totaling up to 10 crore Indian rupees each year to over 500 eligible young Indian students who wish to pursue their higher education in France. Indian students with outstanding academic records have various funding options in France for their higher studies.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants a great many different scholarships to foreign students. 25% of these scholarships are financed directly by the Ministry in the context of Eiffel (for Master’s or Doctoral studies) or Major Programs (for the best foreign students who have graduated from French secondary schools abroad).

Internship Opportunities in France: France has always been and will always be full of activity and opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and keep going forward. From high-intensity business internships job opportunities in France to creative art gallery jobs, there are experiences for everyone-France is waiting. 

French companies are always looking for international interns as they bring in different languages and skills. Interning in France is an amazing experience that holds lots of rewards for those who dust off their curriculum vitae and immerse themselves in the whole country.

This is why Indian students in France are drawn to study in France, the above information has outlined a few of the top significance. 

Also, do comprehensive research online yourself and or get connected for a free professional study abroad guidance from the best study abroad consultants in India to fulfill your dreams of studying abroad. 

Article Source: Indian Students in France| APSense | Studium Group

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