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Indian Students in Malaysia

Malaysia draws tourists from all over the world with its natural sights, rich culture and beautiful scenery. The country has a rare combination of ancient and modern architecture, influenced by its mix of cultures and ethnicity. The location makes it the ideal destination for not only to international students but also for the Indian students in Malaysia seeking a higher study experience abroad.The higher education system is run by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia. There are two types of institutions of higher studies: the universities and the colleges. Malaysia is also well known for being home to competitive tuition rates on branch campuses of International Universities. Examples of these universities include Monash University, Swinburne Technology University, Curtin Technology University, Nottingham University, Raffles Design Institute, and SAE Institute. Malaysian universities and colleges offer a wide range of courses. Across different fields, undergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered, including pharmacy, medicine, engineering, law, industry, economics, commerce, information technology, and training.Malaysia is a land of diversity. It hosts numerous cultural, racial, and religious groups. Its geographical location is essentially just as diverse as its society. Known as the gateway to Asia, Malaysia has just about the right balance between city life and nature. Malaysia has a little of it all from Petronas Twin Towers at Kuala Lumpur to rainforests.If you ask why it is the most popular destination for Indian students in Malaysia, the following features will clear these doubts:

  • Malaysia is India’s closest country, within 4-5 hours of flight travel.
  • A good number of Malaysians speak in Tamil, that’s also one of the key reasons why studying MBBS in Malaysia is so common among Indian students mostly from Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
  • Indian Students can easily reach their home country in an emergency or even Parents can fly to Malaysia and be near and cheaper to accompany their children.
  • Malaysia, being a close country to India, cheap flight tickets are available for Indian students.
  • Affordable living costs for Indian students in Malaysia – The fairly low cost of living and tuition fees is one of the most common reasons why Indian students choose Malaysia. Students will find the accommodation options quite affordable too.
  • Low Tuition fees even for MBBS studies in Malaysia – The tuition costs can vary according to the institution you are applying for (public or private) and the programme. The tuition rates at a branch campus would definitely vary from one parent campus to another. Business and Engineering undergraduate programs on a branch campus could cost from RM 48K to RM 100K per annum.
  • Scholarship opportunities in Malaysia – Numerous Scholarship options are available In various fields such as Medical studies, Science and Engineering, Agriculture and Fisheries, Biotechnology, Information and Communication Technology, Food Security and Environmental Studies.
  • Most of the Medical Universities in Malaysia are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • The MBBS curriculum adopted by Malaysian universities is almost identical to the U.S. curriculum where students after their education can easily pass the USMLE test and get eligible to start practice in the US or do further higher studies.
  • The IELTS test is not mandatory for studying in Malaysia.
  • Hassle-free admission and visa process for International & Indian students.
  • Politically stable and safe country to live.

This is why Indian students in Malaysia are drawn to study in Malaysia, the above information has outlined a few of the top significance. Article Source: Indian Students in Malaysia | APSense | Studium Group


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