Study in Spain Requirements

Study in Spain Requirements

If you are planning to Study abroad in Spain, then take the next step ahead. Go through the below Study in Spain requirements and prepare your student visa application accordingly.
Spain has been ranked as one of the best country to study abroad in Europe by international students all over the globe, so you’re sure not going to regret choosing to Study in Spain.

We have included brief guidelines and a complete set of requirements to study in Spain starting from the University Selection, admission process, tuition fees, student visas, language requirement, Study & work opportunities in Spain.

University Selection & Admission Process:

If you’re still uncertain where to study in Spain, you’ll have to determine before you can start the process of applying for a student visa.

Based on the field in which you want to study find the right universities. Start searching for the top universities in Spain, go through its complete guidelines given on the university portal. Fill out the online form and submit it for approval.

You can consider some of the best Business Schools in Spain for your abroad studies:

You will get a revert on your email asking for the purpose of studying in Spain along with scan copies of your academic & other supporting documents for processing your application.

You will be then scheduled for a telephonic round of interview from Spain University. After being accepted at a Spanish university, you’ll get an acceptance or a Conditional Offer letter required for visa application.

The Conditional Offer letter is then followed by an unconditional offer letter after your part or full payment towards the tuition fees of the selected University.

Types of student visas required to Study in Spain: 

Application for a study visa in Spain depends upon the duration of your studies. You will be required to apply for a specific student visa as per your chosen study program:

  • Study programs in Spain up to six months: Students are entitled to a Study visa (form D) which allows you to stay in Spain for up to 180 days. This type of study visa does not allow you to obtain the Foreign Student Residence Card (TIE).
  • Study programs in Spain for longer than six months: International Students from non-European countries, willing to study in Spain for more than 6 months should apply for a student visa (type D).

This visa type is valid for 3 months to enter the Schengen area. Students must travel to Spain within these three months in order to get eligible and convert this temporary permit status into the Foreign Student Residence Card (TIE) in order to remain legally in Spain maximum up to one academic year. Thereafter, a student can extend their study visa until they finish their entire study.

Language Requirement to Study in Spain:

As per the Spanish regulation, the knowledge of Spanish language proficiency is not a compulsory requirement for international students in order to get admission to any universities in Spain.
However, most universities in Spain offer the Spanish language in their study curriculum. Hence, international students get their benefits later if they decide to remain in Spain after completing their studies.

Study & Work Opportunities in Spain:

International Students can expect an ample number of job opportunities in Spain. Students are allowed to work part-time or full time during their higher studies in Spain if they follow certain rules as under:

  • International Students can work part-time while studying in Spain, but restricted to only 20 hours a week. Plus, he should not keep a gap between his studies while working.
  • Students can also work full time during their long holidays without disturbing there study terms during the academic year.

In both the cases of work option, students are required to obtain a work permit which should be valid for the complete contract period and at the same time the contract period should not exceed the student resident permit.

If you are not yet so confident about applying it on your own, then you can consider Studium Group, one of the best study abroad consultants for Spain whose expert counselors will assist you in the complete process without any hidden or additional charges from you.

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