Requirements to Study in France

Requirements to Study in France

Thinking of Studying in France? Once you decide to apply for your abroad studies in France, all that you need to know is the complete guidelines and requirements to study in France. The first thing you need to know about the application process is that there is no specific regulatory body concerned with the University or college admissions in France.

Find below for getting a brief understanding of the abroad study in France, which will include admission process, international student visas, tuition fees, scholarships and post-study work permit opportunities in France and a stay back option after your studies.

How can I apply for admission to France Universities /Colleges?

Campus France is a government agency that works under the French Ministry of External Affairs. International students from overall thirty-three countries are listed who can apply online for the University admission and student visa process using the CEF process of Campus France.

Do I need a Student visa to study in France?

It depends on the country of your resident, usually, students from the European Union (EU) nations don’t need a visa to study in France. All other students from other countries need to apply for a study visa which can be applied either through the online CEF process or directly in their country at the nearest French Embassy.

How much tuition fees do I need to pay to study in France?

Tuition fees to study in France can be broadly divided into two categories i.e., government universities and private universities/colleges. Tuition fees at the public universities are very nominal as compared to private universities. Public university Tuition fees usually range from 200 to 700 Euros.

Private Universities and Colleges in France have higher tuition fees as compared to the government universities, however still affordable and low in comparison with the other countries in Europe. Private Colleges and University tuition fees range between 5K to 12K Euros, even maybe more depending upon the study program you apply.

How can I get a Scholarship for studying in France?

With the ongoing increment in the development of International Students in France alongside the expansion in the education costs, the French ministry of foreign affairs has significantly increased the measure of educational grants offered to the international students in France.

The ministry of foreign affairs either funds complete tuition fees or certain percent out of the total fees depending upon the student’s eligibility criteria. This Scholarship is offered to both international and local students within France.

Can I get eligible for a post-study work permit in France?

Eligibility to apply for a post-study work permit depends upon the type & duration of the study program students have enrolled. A post-study work permit is offered to the international students in France.

International students, enrolled in a full-time study program such as a Master’s Degree or a higher degree from any French institute can become eligible for the post-study work permit. The duration of the study program should not be less than a year or a two.

Students enrolled for a short-term study program of six months are not eligible for a stay back option, they have to return back to their home country after completing their studies.

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