Ways to get a Study Abroad Scholarship in 2020

Ways to get a Study Abroad Scholarship in 2020:Study abroad Scholarships in 2020 are the most popular and well-known form of financial support for the Students planning to study abroad, one can qualify for various types of Scholarship depending upon student’s eligibility. Let’s see what are the different types of scholarships, and how international students can benefit from it.
Merit-based scholarships:Merit-based scholarships are awarded based on a number of criteria, including qualifications, accomplishments, interests, skills, affiliations with different groups or career aspirations. Universities, Government sectors, large corporates, NGO organizations, local businesses or professional organizations can offer these scholarships.
Study Abroad Scholarships offered by the Universities:Generally speaking, the parameters by which universities offer Scholarships are purely based on student’s academic achievements. Plus, the student must be within a specific age limit. You will also learn that there are various scholarships available for each degree level.
At some of the study abroad universities, the scholarship could either cover accommodation costs and health insurance or good discount on their annual fees.
The following Overseas Universities will give you a full grant:Amherst College
Harvard University
Minerva Schools at KGI
Princeton University
Yale University
Besides these, a few International Universities give complete study abroad tuition fees simply dependent on your GRE+GPA+TOEFL/IELTS:Howard University
Alcorn State University
Troy University
College of Mississippi
College of Louisiana Monroe
Scholarships offered by the Government:Scholarship holders are usually excluded from tuition fees. Most of those scholarships last for 3, 6 or 9 months. These are some of the necessary requirements to receive these kinds of scholarships such as:

  • Educational qualifications required by the university
  • The student should have the knowledge of a certain language required for studying abroad (the medium of instruction used in the study abroad program for which you applied)
  • Students also have to be below a certain age limit too.

Scholarship for the Sports Person:Students can apply for a study abroad scholarship, most of the time provided by their University if you just want to pursue a sport and be a part of the college or university team.
The good news is that in the sport you practice you don’t necessarily have to be very successful but at the same time need to be fully dedicated. Such sports scholarships may sometimes be funded by local groups or by different organizations, and they usually look at requirements such as community service.
Scholarship offered by the Community:The community scholarship program provides opportunities for local or international students from individual community groups to help achieve their educational goals and fulfill their dreams of abroad studies.
The local communities offer Scholarships to international students from certain countries in some countries such as Belgium, France, the U.S., etc. For example, for applicants from African, South American, and Asian countries.
Belgium offers special scholarships. Such scholarships are also meant to help minority students obtain an education in areas where they have been under-represented traditionally. A few communities give scholarships to the students with physical incapability, learning handicaps and weakening health conditions.

​Article Source: Studium Group

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